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Best Hair Ties for Kids and Adults

Best Hair Ties for Kids and Adults

You know what is the absolute worst? Bad hair ties. Okay, it isn’t really the worst, but it makes wearing your headwear very difficult. The wrong hair tie can make your bows saggy and oh so sad. Plus when improperly secured in your hair, it can be a lot easier to lose a bow on the playground too!

Before I became the Queen Bee around here, I worked professionally styling wigs and hair for theatre, film and commercials. I want to share my knowledge and experience with you all as well!

I gave away a few of these nylon hair ties in packages and those people asked for more, so I want to share the link! They are my personal favorite for both myself and for my daughter because they are very secure and do not damage your hair. They are thick and also do not stretch out and get saggy

I have had little ones with thick, textured hair whose mothers love them and I also love them on my daughter’s very fine and breakable hair as well. I love them on my brittle, color treated textured hair and my friend with thick, heavy, straight and slippery hair also loves them... so they come highly recommended for many hair types! Shop the link


On another note, for a very different use, I am always asked about fine, baby hair! How do you style it and what are the best pony holders for those delicate ponytails? Thick nylon bands aren’t needed in those itty bitty brand new ponytails, but we also need them to be ouch free! Lots of the thin bands around hurt to take out, knot badly and break hair, but these are excellent! No tears, no breakage and inexpensive enough to clip to remove if needed as


Have you seen the trend of making no-braid braids? If not, I can do a tutorial and link to the blog later as well! Well, these hair ties are excellent at no-braid braids and thy also are great for a million other uses too! Shop the link


Lastly, as an added bonus, I wore a metal clip to a few live sales over the last year and they are my go to clip for pairing with knot top headbands. During the live sale, someone asked where I got it and I sent her the link, but since I recently was asked again by a neighbor, I thought I would link it

They are so fun, unique and trendy and I love that a simple clip can look so classy too! Shop the link


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