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Knotted Hair Solutions

Knotted Hair Solutions

We all have kiddos who wake up with super matted hair sometimes and my little one is no exception. For years I struggled with what to do about her knotted hair in the mornings and I tried so many methods and products. Here are a few things that have worked for both her and I!

First of all, the best part of dealing with knots is preventing them in the first place. Things like French braids or high buns help a little, but what has helped a ton is this silk pillowcase. I will post links for both 100% silk which is supposed to be incredible for both your skin and hair! This silver one is mulberry silk, which is a more budget friendly version of pure silk and is absolutely worth the extra money, especially for mommy! You spend 1/3 of your life in bed, might as well love it!

Link Here for Mulberry Silk 


If you want to go more budget friendly and stick with a polyester satin silk, the benefits will still be there, but to a slightly lesser degree! We own both of these- mommy has the mulberry silk and daughter has the polyester silk and I will 100% vouch for both. She wakes up with next to no knots like she used to with this satin pillowcase! Plus, they come in so many fun

Link Here for Poly Satin


As for treating knots once they have already settled in, I have tried a dozen brushes. I used to be a wig stylist and I tried everything I could get my hands on. The Wet Brush takes the cake by far! I swear this is the only way we can get through brushing hair without tears! I like them for myself

Link for Wet Brush Here


Lastly, what else can you do for prevention of knots? Well hydrated hair helps! I use Keratin on my hair at least once a month and on my daughter’s hair in the summer when chlorine dries it out. I always recommended this to my customers when I worked in hair and it works really well on color or heat damaged hair too!

Link for Keratin Here




If your hair is getting dried out from hard water or build up, this $3 solution is also worth it. When we lived on well water for about 5 years, my hair felt so sad and dull. I asked my hair stylist and he suggested this and I recommend it to everyone I see. If you have hard water, use this and follow up with Keratin for silky soft locks!

Malibu Treatment Here



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